Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meaningful Birthday Wish

risotto with radicchio and gorgonzola

Hello !!!!! How are you?? ...... I'm fine today I present to you the passion of my sister in the kitchen: rice gorgonzola and radicchio.
My sister loves this pairing .... so I decided the other day to make her happy to prepare it.
Had a great success .....
I suggest you bring this dish in a dinner with guests because it is a recipe (although it's easy to cook) rather sophisticated, refined and altogether special.
I recommend at the same time, however, to make this recipe, only your guests like the cooked radicchio and gorgonzola.
The taste is very much .... ..... and distinctive wrap-around for some may be particular ...... but my family has now become a MUST.
I'll prepare it by adding a juniper berry and pepper, but if you can not even put it .... the taste of the dish will not change.
The thing that you should pay enough attention instead is the freshness of the radicchio and above the quality of the gorgonzola.
I recommend you buy it good and tasty ... there is the secret of the excellence and sophistication of the dish.
Another important thing is the type of blue cheese:
1) you can buy everything fresh
2) you can buy sweet and spicy to suit your taste and put in rice with the following doses :
80 g and 80 g of spicy gorgonzola gorgonzola dolce.
You choose depending on your taste.

Here is the recipe

Ingredients (serves 4):
320 gr rice 160 gr
Treviso radicchio, cut into strips
60 grams of butter (or oil Ages)
1 red onion (or shallot)
1 liter of broth the classic flavor
4 tablespoons Parmesan
160 g gorgonzola
a small glass of wine (preferably red)

salt black pepper (a little dusting)
a juniper berry (to be removed after cooking)


Sauté onions in butter.
Then add the radicchio into small pieces and wine, juniper berries (optional). After cooking the berry will be removed.
Cook over medium heat well ... always turning until the wine is completely evaporated. (Not to feel the smell of wine)
Always turn to avoid sticking.
Add rice (uncooked of course) and let it toast for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.
Continue cooking the rice on the box from time to time adding ladles of broth previously prepared simply by boiling water and 1 scoop of powdered broth. Add pepper powder if you like.
Before the end of 3 minutes of cooking rice add diced gorgonzola and parmesan cheese and stir melt well.
At the end of cooking should be creamy (not too thin) ... just wave.
Serve hot.

hear what is really delicious .... very good .... my sister Kiara wanted an encore.

A great big kiss. Lella


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